National Insurance reverse update


The National Insurance reverse update is coming into force from 6th November 2022.


As a summary:

  • April’s National Insurance increase to be reversed from 6th November – delivering on key PM pledge to cut tax burden and promote economic growth

  • Health and Social Care Levy will be cancelled through the Bill introduced – the Chancellor has confirmed funding for health and social care services will be protected and will remain at the same level as if the Levy were in place

  • Almost 28 million people will keep an extra £330 of their money on average next year, whilst 920,000 businesses are set to save almost £10,000 on average next year thanks to the change

  • The government will also cancel the planned Health and Social Care Levy – a separate tax which was coming into force in April 2023 to replace this year’s National Insurance rise. This will help almost 28 million people across the UK keep more of what they earn, worth an extra £330 on average in 2023-24, with an additional saving of around £135 on average this year.


Read more about these changes HERE.

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